Can’t Fight the Moonlight

By Beautystack
7 December 2020
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It’s safe to say that 2020 has left us all in need of some TLC. Pandemic-induced stress has taken its toll on our relationships, in particular, the relationship between our minds and our bodies. Here at Beautystack we think it’s high time the two rekindled their love, and as result, we’ve set up a series of events over the course of November and December, all geared towards reconnecting you with your body.

Channel your inner Diana—no, not that Diana—leave The Crown on pause for second and become Diana, goddess of the moon. Our Beauty Pros want you to connect with your minds, souls and…wombs. It’s quite apt really that November’s moon is known as the ‘Full Beaver’.

On November 30, the day of said Full Beaver Moon, our expert Jeanne Iracema talks her full moon circle event. ‘My women circles are always so powerful. We open a circle with love and compassion and create a beautiful energy. We will relax with wonderful exercises and a deep meditation’, says Jeanne.

For those of you who have never experienced a women’s circle before, it is an event hosted for and by women, that creates a supportive environment where women can share experiences and emotions without judgement. The full moon is thought of as prime time for women to connect with one another, due to the similarities in our cycles. ‘Everyday I am astonished by the wonders of nature! I curate unique wellness events where my goals are to showcase the beauty of nature and bring people to ground themselves’, says Jeanne.

We can’t deny that the moon’s effect on human beings (women especially) is powerful. The word ‘lunatic’ was originally used to describe someone who was suffering from mood swings caused by the moon’s cycle—today, we call this PMS. Through her classes, Jeanne encourages us to listen to our bodies and to mother earth, find our grounding and embrace the lunacy. As well as women’s circles, Jeanne also hosts one-to-one coaching…‘where I guide wonderful women in their beautiful transformation. I have always channelled positivity and will always work to create beauty and balance in the world’.

Unfortunately, just like the moon, Jeanne’s November 30th event was full. However, she plans to host her women’s circles on a monthly basis, with her next on December 14, so be sure to book in whilst you still can.

Want to book?! Tap this link on your phone to browse Jeanne’s events!