Best Version Of You: Why Positive Affirmations Could Change Your Life In 2021

By Beautystack
21 December 2020
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It has been a testing year but we can finally start think about what 2021 will bring. At Beautystack, we want to empower women and help you be the best version of yourself. So after a strange year, we’re encouraging you to put your best foot forward by practicing positive self-affirmations and attending coaching sessions. A confident and positive mindset can help change your life.

Each thought we have triggers a chemical response in our brains, and these responses can have a big impact on our mood. We’ve probably all been our own worst enemy at times just by thinking negatively about ourselves, or certain situations. By adding a daily positive mantra our thoughts can actually change our brain and cells. This is where positive affirmations and coaching sessions come in handy.

What Are Positive Affirmations?

You’ve probably heard of positive affirmations but are not sure exactly what they are. Put simply, they are positive statements that help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts, and in turn, boost self-esteem and motivation.

You might already do this sometimes without realising, like when getting yourself ready for a job interview and telling yourself “I’m going to do great”. Just like committing to a physical exercise training plan, think of this as training your mind to think of situations in a positive light. That way, over time you replace unproductive, negative thoughts with productive ones.


How To Do Affirmations

You can use positive affirmations for any situation you want to make a positive change in, and when you then face that same situation later down the line, you’ll boss it. You can use affirmations to help reach your goals, whether they be finance related, about relationships, body positivity or even finishing a project. Your statements should be personal to you and only you.

You should incorporate positive affirmations into your daily routine – you’ll only need to set aside a few minutes. Get relaxed and take a couple of deep breaths. Some like to stand in front of a mirror, but you can stand or sit wherever you feel comfortable. Repeat your affirmations slowly around 3-5 times, really focusing on the meaning of your words and how they make you feel. Once you’re done, take some more deep breaths and give yourself a few moments to relax and reflect.

3 Positive Affirmations For Success

So, what sort of phrases actually make up a positive affirmation? You want to keep them relatively brief, specific and ideally start with the words “I am”. We’ve listed 3 examples that will give you the confidence to succeed in daily life or even start a new business or project, but remember to change these to suit your own needs.


“I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness”

It’s easy to feel as if we are a slave to our emotions. This affirmation will help to remind you that you are totally in control of how you choose to react and feel.


“I am deserving of all the wealth life offers me”

Maybe you’ve been holding yourself back on an amazing business idea due to fear of failing. This mantra will open your mind and help give you the confidence to go for your goals.


“I trust my intuition”

This is another way of saying back yourself. Ultimately you know what’s best for you so trust your gut feeling. This will help guide you in both your work and personal life.


3 Positive Self Affirmations

If you’re after some self-love, the next 3 quotes will help you feel the best that you can be. When you say your affirmations, try to really believe them and then you’ll feel the benefit. We are all beautiful and strong.


“I will not compare myself to strangers on the Internet”

We love this one, because we’ve all been guilty of it. Social media is a snippet of everyone’s lives, and mostly the highlights. Use this as a kind reminder to yourself that your own individual journey is enough!


“I am attracting the perfect person for me”

If you feel like you’ve done all you can in the love department, don’t give up! By manifesting this every day you’re letting go of control and instead letting the universe do the work for you.


“I am enough”

This one is short, but powerful – a stark reminder that you are enough and that you do not need to change for anyone.

Self-Love and Coaching Pros We Love

Regularly repeating and committing to your positive affirmations daily and truly believing in them can replace any contradictory existing negative thoughts and beliefs. But sometimes we need some extra support. Beautystack has some amazing coaching and wellness Pros to help you embrace self-love. Here are some of our faves:


💞@astrologyvixen: Sade is an Astrologer passionate about helping people find moments of stillness in day to day life

💞 @YvonneBajela: Yvonne’s 1:1 Mentoring for founders can help with business or fundraising queries

💞 @sharmadeanreid: Our very own founder is hosting a 2021 vision setting session on 10th January. To book open your #Beautstack app, search ‘Shar’ and click events

💞 @CoachingWithDina: In Dina’s Boost Your Happiness programme you’ll learn how to clear out self-limiting beliefs and unhelpful criticism


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