Arriving First And Leaving Last: How I Worked My Way From Intern To Boss

By Beautystack
30 July 2020
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Launching her exciting new sporting and wellness club this September, London boss Alex Eagle is passionate about reinventing what a British fashion boutique can be. With fencing lessons, pilates, and ballet, the new club will fuse sports with holistic and more conventional types of therapy from Reiki to physiotherapy.

Starting from her humble days as an unpaid intern, Alex climbed the ranks and eventually set up her own retail hub, Alex Eagle Studio, which invites customers to do more than just shop. Alex joined us to tell us all about her life, ambitions, and self-care.

Growing up

I was born in Hammersmith, grew up in Chiswick, and now I’m in Soho. We escaped to the country with the kids about five weeks ago, which has been amazing.

Growing up, I thought I’d either live in London or the country, but not Chiswick. It always appealed to people with kids. I always loved it; we’d go shopping, go biking, there was a tennis club we’d walk to. I loved it.

Living in Soho is a massive part of the kid’s lives, but it’s important they have a foot in the country. It’s important to be at one with the earth and see where vegetables come from, and to just play and run around. It’s important for me to take off my shoes and feel the earth, and it’s vital for kids to connect. I feel very lucky that I could get out of London.

But from a young age, I knew I wanted to live in central London. And I knew I always loved clothes and drawing pictures of the dresses I was going to make. I’d buy fabrics and convince people to help me make them. I expressed myself through clothes.

My fashion influences

My parents didn’t work in fashion, but I think they still influenced me. My mum wore power suits and she had a dark bob and red lipstick. And my dad wore Missoni my whole life, which is actually quite fashionable now.

They were definitely into clothes and I loved going shopping with them. I also had all these endless beautiful aunts; they’d let me go through their wardrobes and try on their things.

My school years and beyond

School was quite a task. I loved art and learning how to develop film, but it was a bit of a struggle because I’m dyslexic. I didn’t love learning, and I wasn’t a very diligent student. But I got through school, I got my A-levels, and I went to university and studied the history of art. I always did fine, but not great.

As soon as I finished school, I went to assist a Notting-Hill stylist and then got a job at Gharani Strok. I worked for free and was a waitress on the weekend to make money for my lunch. I didn’t really care about not getting paid, though, because I learnt a lot. I lived at home and whatever I earned I spent on clothes.

Something I learnt in my intern days was to get there before anyone else and leave after everyone else. If you’re going to do it, especially if you aren’t getting paid, you have to get a lot out of it. All you are is the recommendations people might get you. Put your all into it.

Heading out on my own

My first paid job was at Tank magazine. I was assistant to the editor; I loved it so much I stayed for years. I went in as an assistant and ended up doing loads of different jobs. By the end, I was commercial editor. I learnt if you want to do something, just do it.

But I wanted to do my own thing. My then-boyfriend, now-husband, was my inspiration for everything. He saw what I was doing. I made my flat like a mini salon and started styling friends. We’d hang out and people would end up buying the coffee table or a version of one of the prints on the wall and my boyfriend said, “Just do that. Don’t get a shop, do your flat.”

It was this feeling of not wanting to make an intimidating shop. Thankfully, everyone liked it.

What made you decide to put skincare in your store?

I feel like luxury is a really good cup of tea and the nice cup you’re drinking it from. It’s so many things to give the customer a nice experience.

We’re going to expand on it when we reopen in September; there’s going to be fencing classes, ballet, pilates, Reiki, all kinds of spiritual connecting things, and really good physio. It’s such a treat to pamper yourself, but it’s also nice to share with someone. It’s nice to do things together.

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  • Colour by Josh at Josh Wood, Notting Hill, London
  • Cut by Rob at Josh Wood, Notting Hill London
  • Cut by David Mallett, Paris


  • Facial at SKINWORKS, Soho, London
  • Johanne Chezch, New York



  • Manicures and pedicures by Heather at Josh Wood, London

Body Treatments:

  • Infrared sauna
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Reflexology
  • Osteopathy 
  • Cryotherapy

You can hear more about Alex’s sporting and wellness club and her time spent during internships in #TheBeautystackPodcast. You can catch our podcasts with beauty bosses on your fave streaming services or over on YouTube.


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