All Up In Your Grillz

By Beautystack
24 January 2020
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It’s not just tooth gems that are having a moment, grillz are also making a comeback. What started as an accessory exclusively worn by young, mostly male, hip-hop artists (Flavor Flav was one of the first to flaunt gold gnashers in the early eighties ) is trickling into the mainstream and popping up on our Insta feeds. No longer the simple solid gold or flashy diamond-encrusted contraptions of the mid-noughties grillz now come on a spectrum from the super subtle to high fantasy digital art masterpieces. From the weird and the wonderful to the actually wearable, here are some of the best grills the internet has to offer.

Emoji Mouth


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A post shared by Antoni Tudisco (@antonitudisco) on

Open your mouth and let this full set of scarily realistic emoji grillz speak for you. Including the classic heart eyes and starstruck emojis, these grillz are a sure-fire crowd-pleaser. Sadly just a CGI render, this imaginative and intensely detailed emoji grillz is still just a thing of dreams but hopefully it won’t be long till they’re wearable!

Stan Your Brand


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A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

The best part of floating letter grillz is all the fun in choosing which word to wear. Beyonce’s opted to stan her brand with these Ivy Park grillz – what do you want your grillz to tell the world you’re about?

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold


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The dental definition of a masterpiece, this look dazzles with an eclectic mix of coloured crystals, dollar sign gold pieces and the cutest gem flowers in sky blue and baby pink – all capped off (literally) with a solid gold statement tooth!

Choose Your Fighter


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A post shared by Marc Tudisco (@mvrc.t) on

Silver dragon versus gold dragon – who will win this ultimate battle? Half cute and half scary, with tiny metal dragons battling across your braces, grillz can’t possibly get any more Harry Potter than this!? Another CGI render, literal dragon’s breath isn’t actually available (yet) but fingers crossed for the future!

Bling Bling Butterfly


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A post shared by Romina Cenisio (@rominaresort) on

The cutest gap grillz we’ve ever seen, this diamond butterfly spacer is something else. With this blingy bad boy between your teeth you won’t be able to stop smiling, ever.

Just Do It 


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A post shared by LA BIBI (@labibitches) on

If you loved your Nike tooth gem but are looking for a bigger, badass upgrade, look no further than this solid silver Nike swoosh. Not sure? Just do it.

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