The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Online Tarot Card Reading

By Beautystack
18 December 2020
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When things are so uncertain, it’s really no surprise that people are turning to higher powers for advice – tarot readings, that is. Our human desire to know why, when, and how is being seriously shaken up by the pandemic, so naturally, people are taking matters into their own hands and turning to traditional methods for direction. The positive reassurance and guidance drawn from tarot readings can bring much-needed peace of mind when our understanding of life and the world is constantly being questioned.

Before, when similar hard times came upon us (think: medieval plague), this is where religion and faith came in to provide comfort. Times have changed, but spirituality still has a place in our society and it’s remerging in the form of tarot.

What Is Tarot Reading?

Third eye aside, tarot is a form of divination but what it’s  most useful for is self-reflection. The idea behind the readings is less about future-gazing but more about providing guidance and, importantly, coping tools to help with daily issues. Many of the cards have double meanings, and it’s very much subject to each individual reader’s interpretation of the card spreads, which is what makes the practice so dynamic. Each deck is divided into major and minor arcana, with the major indicating the overarching theme of the reading, and minor to guide the specific details around said major events.

There are lots of different formations of readings depending on what you are seeking. Perhaps you want a yes/no answer to a specific question, perhaps you would like some advice on a tough decision. Readings can involve as little as one card. For accurate insights, readers shuffle the deck, ask a question, choose a spread, interpret the reading, and allow time to reflect and act.

What Is Different About Virtual Tarot Card Reading?

Readings are traditionally conducted face to face, but as with most things in 2020 the practice has shifted online. In fact, Googling ‘tarot cards’ and ‘how to read tarot cards’ has increased 31.9% and 78.4% respectively from last year, which is pretty wild. Virtual readings can comfortably take place online, which will usually involve sending some details and questions over to the card reader ahead of time, as well as details on your birth chart and your astronomical positioning.

Virtual readers know their stuff, and many have an impressive following. For example, our Pro Suhaiyla has hosted her mindfulness workshop series – The Art of Being Present – in collaboration with various brands such as Elle, gal-dem and Samsung. Her work is rooted in Ancestral practises, Afro-futurism, tarot and astrology and for many years Suhaiyla has created safe and healing spaces for discussions and group work pertaining to all things mystical and wellness.

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Why You Should Get a Tarot Card Reading Online

Skilled tarot readers have studied the cards and their many interpretations in depth, so are au fait with picking out storylines and delivering messages from spirit that are intended to point you in the right direction. Whether it be career, relationships, family or just a general reading, an online tarot reading can help work through difficult conversations through self-reflection.

Whatever you see within the images on the cards could give you insight into what’s bothering you or what needs addressing, which is not always an easy conversation to have with yourself. This is where a third party (virtual tarot reader) can help. Now, probably more than ever, is a good time to dedicate yourself to some inner work and identifying which parts of your life need attention.

Online Tarot Pros We Love

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