WTF is a CBD Facial? The Lifesaving Facial That Will Help You Kill it This Winter

By Beautystack
12 November 2020
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What is CBD?

CBD oil is the answer to our skincare prayers and we’re obsessed with CBD facials! Not to be confused with THC (the stuff that gets you high), CBD (which is short for ‘cannabidiol’) is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. It’s usually extracted as a powder and then mixed with oil to make it more effective and easier to apply. CBD can be ingested or applied topically, like in a facial, and from there will begin working its magic on your skin.

It’s important to note that CBD oil and hemp seed oil are not the same. While hemp seed oil is good for your skin as well, it only has trace amounts of cannabidiol, whereas CBD oil is chocked full of the stuff. It’s the cannabidiol where all of these banging benefits come from, so make sure to check!

What makes CBD such a lifesaver?

It’s good news for any beauty addicts with sensitive skin: studies have shown there are very few risks when applying CBD oil directly on your skin. Even better, CBD is an anti-inflammatory that’s well known for its soothing effects. This means CBD may help you control any rashes or red patches caused by skin products or the environment and help keep your skin on fleek while helping you manage acne. 

CBD oil is also packed with vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins are the ones that keep your skin radiant and POPPING by helping you control signs of ageing, redness, and sun damage.

Why choose a CBD facial over a regular facial?

A regular facial will give your skin an extra boost too, but why not splash out a bit and really indulge this winter? Our skin goes through a lot and a bit of CBD TLC wouldn’t go amiss. We LOVE CBD facials – the experience, that relaxing mindfulness touch, and the effects it has on our skin.

CBD is the answer to all our skincare prayers and could be the perfect choice for anyone, whatever your skin type, who wants to maintain their beautiful, glowy skin all year round.

Why not book yourself in for a CBD facial today using the Beautystack app? Our facial expert Jordan Walker Skin brings zen vibes by blending breath work, meditation, and skincare in the “Get Me High” CBD facial that’ll keep the sparkle in your skin and your body and mind completely chilled. You’re welcome.


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