Sugaring Aftercare DOs and DON’Ts

By Beautystack
5 August 2020
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In case you’ve missed us raving about it previously, sugaring is the vegan alternative to waxing that promises to leave your skin super smooth with less pain and more gain. Say goodbye to ingrown hairs forever, with Sugaring London’s comprehensive guide to aftercare.


Yes To Hydration 

Hydrate daily with a fragrance-free and water-based (rather than oil-based) moisturiser which won’t clog your pores. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water – the more water you drink, the more plump your skin will be and the easier it is for your body hair to just pop through. If you are prone to problems with ingrown hair, Sugaring London have a natural, vegan soothing oil which lubricates the skin to make sure the new hair curls outwards as opposed to curling in.

Yes To Routine

Keep your sugaring sessions 4 – 5 weeks apart if you want to see hair reduction over time. If you just want to get sugared for special occasions, that’s great too, but do expect it to be a bit more painful and with less dramatic hair reduction.

Yes To Exfoliation

Start exfoliating your skin 48 hours after your treatment in order to remove dead skin cells, as these can block the route for new hair to come through and cause ingrown hairs. Gentle exfoliation twice a week is where it’s at.

Yes To Comfy Underwear 

If your treatment was a bikini sugaring service, in the 24 hours post-treatment avoid wearing lace underwear or underwear that’s too tight – now’s the time to let your comfy cotton undies shine!


Don’t Sweat It

Say no to strenuous exercise in the first 24 hours after your sugaring treatment ( that includes sex! ) because the friction and sweat can lead to ingrown hairs or rashes. What better excuse to skip your morning run and have a lie-in instead?

Don’t Scrub It 

Avoid using any exfoliating scrubs or chemical serums in the 48 hours before or after sugaring, and keep perfumed skin products or anything with glycolic acid in it far far away from your freshly sugared skin.

Don’t Touch It

Refrain from touching the freshly sugared area for the first 24 hours as germs on our hands can cause infections. Avoid tweezing, shaving and epilating between appointments – let the sugaring angels take care of you!

Don’t Tan It

In the 48 hours before and after your sugaring appointment, keep away from tanning beds that use UV light and don’t spray tan on the soon-to-be-sugared area, unless little orange spots is the look you were going for.

Don’t Splash It 

To reduce chances of bacterial infection, avoid pools and hot tubs for at least two days after your appointment.

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