Maskne: What We Know & What to Do About It

By Beautystack
12 September 2020
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Mask wearing has become the de facto safety gear of choice for Londoner’s who are determined to embrace the new normal. But lately, we have been seeing a new outbreak – the one on our face.

Constant mask-wearing – especially in toxic, polluted city spaces, has given rise to Maskne – the spots you get around your cheeks, nose, and chin. Whilst breathing, condensation builds on the skin which evaporates causing damage to your skin barrier.

Put simply, mask-induced acne occurs when oil, sweat and bacteria are trapped on your skin under a mask. Our skin has been on the corona-coaster with us this year, reports of dryness and breakouts from stress and hormones were prevalent in spring and now as we’re in winter, we have a new issue!

It is, however, not the end of great skin days. As with many things, add just the right amount of care and you’ll be back to your forever glow in no time. We consulted the skincare experts to help you keep your makeup in place and avoid spots whilst wearing your mask.

Your First Defence

Investing in great products and a strong skincare routine will further reduce chances of forming those pesky breakouts. From cleanser to moisturiser, a safe bet is using products that are oil-free. And most importantly, cleanse your face at least twice a day and especially at night.

“My top tip is to ensure you are properly cleansing your face in the evening to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and bacteria. Use a gentle but exfoliating cleanser such as Skin Better Science Oxygen Infusion Cleanser with glycolic acid for light exfoliation, lactic acid to hydrate and salicylic acid to decongest the pores. It’s my go-to multi-tasking product! A light oil-free moisturiser would also be great to follow with. If the skin is inflamed, avoid using active ingredients and keep your skincare simple and soothing to help restore the skin.”Dija Ayodele, Skin Health Specialist, West Room Aesthetics

Try Sheer or Minimum

Or even skip the foundation all together? A no-makeup day can give your skin the breathing break it needs. Keeping your makeup application to a minimum will reduce the amount of movement of products on your face, meaning there’s less chance of excess build up under your mask. Remember to keep oil-based products to a minimum, so where possible, try to avoid lipsticks too.

“Lipsticks are formulated with wax and tend to spread about under the mask, leading to clogged pores and eventually breakouts.”Dija Ayodele, Skin Health Specialist, West Room Aesthetics

But if you’d prefer to opt for fuller coverage, then primer has to be your best friend.

“A primer with a strong grip will allow your makeup to stay on for longer. With either full or sheer coverage, it’s still best to finish off with translucent powder, which sets the products on your face. It’s unavoidable but this will minimise the amount of product transferred to masks.”Claudia Zoe Makeup, Makeup Artist.

Bring Out Your Eyes and Brows

Opting for less on your face isn’t a loss at all. In fact, there’s a lot of fun to be had experimenting with eyeshadows and accentuating your eyebrows even more.

“Try out a more dramatic eye look! It’s time for explosive smokey’s & experimenting with bright eyeshadows and liner.”Tash Dev, Makeup Artist, Unruly Beauty.

Wash Your Mask

Invest in reusable masks that you can wash regularly. This ensures the moisture, oil and dirt that forms is stripped away which reduces your chance of developing maskne! At the end of the day, your safety is of the utmost importance, so please wear your mask as much as possible in public and support local mask makers!

“I like to spray a little bit of setting spray directly onto the mask to keep any makeup on my face in place (bonus: it also smells nice!)”Julia Edwards, Makeup Artist.

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