3 Things We Learnt From Beautystack’s Spring Business Summit

By Beautystack
30 October 2020
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On the 1st November 2020, we’re back with the next instalment of our Beautystack Business Summit – an online marathon of talks, workshops, and inspiring sessions to help you level up your work post-lockdown.

We’ve got some amazing speakers lined up for you and will be starting the day with meditation to get you in the right mindset and open to learning. Then at 11.30am, our investors are going to in real time read three pitch decks and tell you exactly what they think!

At 12.30pm, we speak to four founders about whether to bootstrap your business and be profitable or fundraise and scale. At 2.30pm we’ll talk about how to be a founder with integrity and how to stick to your morales and values (arguably there’s never been as much of an important time for this than now) with founder and CEO of The Dots, Pip Jamieson and Moody Month founder, Amy Story.

Business book club will kick off at 3.30pm where we’ll discuss the reads that changed our thinking with Her Hustle Network’s co-founder, Emma Loussie Boynton. After that we’ll be discussing how to create authentic company culture with the brilliant coach Polly Bateman.

We’ll talk about managing your persona as a female founder at 6pm. Following that at 6pm we’ll end the day with a really important session on how to manage your own mental health as a founder. 

If the schedule alone isn’t tempting enough, we’ve rounded up snapshots of what we learnt from our previous Business Summit earlier this year.

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1. How To Be A More Resilient As A Leader

At 25, Jess Ratcliffe (founder of The Ideas Coach) was diagnosed with PNH, a rare blood disease which turned her world upside down and ‘woke her up’.. Jess spoke about the moments she faced where she genuinely thought it was the end, and how the strongest emotion she felt was regret.

She asked viewers to think of their own ‘a-ha’ moments (e.g. rejections they weren’t expecting through to global pandemics) and question what about that moment ‘woke’ them up? For Jess, she realised she wanted to pave her own path and do a job which played to her entrepreneurial spirit.

In those ‘a-ha’ moments, Jess encourages people to use it as a chance to take stock and question:

  • What do you know about yourself that you didn’t know before?
  • What don’t you miss?
  • Do you feel happy and fulfilled?

She passionately spoke about how she views her diagnosis as a gift rather than a curse which ignited a fire in her to live her life the way she really wanted. Resilience is a superpower. Harness it.

2. How To Be More Confident

Tiwalola Ogunlesi founder of Confident and Killing It kicked off her energic session by telling us the key to being confident is dialling down negative thoughts and dialling up positive ones.

To get more confident you should:

  • Reframe negative situations to get a positive perspective –instead of thinking ‘what if I fail’, think ‘what if I succeed’
  • Remember your strengths and times you were killing it – channel that BWE (big woman energy) and constantly remind yourself of those moments
  • Choose authenticity over perfectionism – there’s power in strength AND struggles

She then went on to outline how to communicate with clients:

  • Lead with human to human connection – the goal is to get people to know, like and trust you
  • Shift from sales-led to brand-led – lead with purpose and emotion rather than with product
  • Don’t let the fear of judgement hold you back
  • Read the room and adjust
  • Look for opportunities – ask yourself ‘if I can’t provide my service, how else can I add value?’ Selling is simply an exchange of value and enthusiasm

In order to build your personal brand and get clients to buy into you, Tiwalola’s shared her useful framework to understand what you should talk to clients about:

And she concluded with three key takeaways:  

  • Awareness – be visible and share your story
  • Engagement – share expertise, spark conversations and find your tribe
  • Collaboration – co-create with your community

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3. How To Create A Social Media Campaign To Promote A Service

Ellen Atlanta’s (writer and brand consultant) session was filled with actionable advice on running social media campaigns. Firstly, she outlined that a social media campaign needs:

  • Understanding your audience (and analysing them) – who books with you the most? Who spends the most money? Who gets the most innovative styles? Who engages with your content the most on social? Who is tagging you in images?
  • A key message – e.g. hosting an online masterclass
  • A CTA (call to action) – e.g. book now to learn from the Pros!
  • Specific time frame – e.g. two-week campaign
  • Success metric – e.g. get 500 RSVPS

She then discussed how to map your audience profiles:

  • Start to identify trends and patterns to build a picture of your customer
  • You might create 1-5 profiles depending on your audience
  • Make notes of any recurring themes and start to flesh our targeting e.g. the cool creative, the working mum or the boss babe

Now that we’ve recapped some gems from the previous Business Summit, here’s what we have lined up for you on the 1st November:

Hosted by Beautystack Founder, Sharmadean Reid, with guest speakers from the worlds of beauty, entrepreneurship, coaching, media, and technology, this is a must-attend event for any freelance beauty, wellness, or business professional.

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