Milk Bath Nails: The Prettiest Nail Art Trend To Book Now

By Beautystack
19 July 2020
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Milk bath nails are the hottest new trend in acrylics, taking the dreamy self-care treatment you’ve probably seen on Instagram (a milky bath full of floating flowers) and transforming it into a sick manicure. Beauty Pro @hadnails has already mastered the trend, so we asked her all our burning questions to find out how she creates milk bath nails and why she thinks they’re having such a moment.

Milk bath nails are created by taking dried flowers and tiny fruit decals – or any lil decals that take your fancy – and encapsulating them into an acrylic base with a milky white acrylic layer on top of the design, giving the nails their distinctive cloudy effect. Unlike most encapsulations (like crystal clear glass encapsulations) you cover up part of the design for a dreamy haze effect.

The technique is relatively simple, but skill and patience definitely come into play: a tiny tweezer is required to pick up tiny delicate pieces of dried flower which are then pressed into the thin base layer of acrylic while it’s still wet. You cover that with a layer of milky acrylic to create a cloudy 3D effect and finish with either a gloss or matte coat. The whole process takes between 2-2.5 hours, so make sure you book a long enough slot!

Holli thinks milk bath nails are popular right now because although they might appear as an ultra feminine, girly trend, they can easily cater to different styles and tastes – one of her Clients is going to turn milk bath nails into blood bath nails by using a black or red acrylic base and encapsulating skulls instead of flowers. Milk bath nails are so easy to customise and make your own that Holli’s yet to do two milk bath nails the same!

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