How To Remove Eyelash Extensions: Tips From Our Pros

By Beautystack
23 November 2020
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Eyelash extensions are one of our go-to beauty treatments for achieving that ‘I woke up like this’ look. And with Zoom now the foundation of all communication with the outside world, there’s no better make-up free way to ensure you’re always ready for an impromptu video call.

We spoke to Kitty, owner of London-based lash bar @LimbicBeauty – and guru of luscious lash extensions – about what to do when your lashes are hanging on for dear life. Kitty advises that, ultimately, the best way to keep your lashes looking full is by getting infills roughly three weeks after your initial set, and if you do want them removed, it’s always best to go to a professional. That said, with the ongoing global pandemic forcing beauty salons to close their doors once again, you may find yourself with no option but to remove your last standing extensions yourself.  

Armed with the professional advice from Kitty, we’ve created a simple guide to the DOs and DON’Ts of removing your lash extensions at home.

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How to remove lash extensions safely – DOs and DON’Ts

Although you can’t beat the precision of a professional lash-tech removal, don’t fret, there are perfectly safe ways to remove them yourself without harming your natural lashes. Lash extensions are applied using surgical-grade glue to keep them in place for a lengthy amount of time, and interfering with the glue incorrectly could lead to the spreading of bacteria in and around your eye. That’s why it’s so important to know which steps to take in order to ensure fuss-free and safe removal.



YES to taking a hot shower

What’s the first piece of advice your lash technician tells you when you get a new set of lashes? That’s right – avoid having a hot shower at all costs! Why? Because the heat of the water and the steam can loosen the glue. So, if you’re wanting to get rid of your lashes, it’s safe to say , do the opposite. But remember, never pull at your lashes, even when you’re in the shower, as this can damage your natural eyelashes. Lashes on their way out will likely fall off in the shower, out, but if not, be patient. There are other ways to remove lashes at home.


YES to using oil-based makeup remover or cleanser       

Ok, so the hot shower hasn’t worked. Instead, try using an oil-based makeup remover or cleanser to encourage your extensions to fall out. As part of your regular cleansing routine, gently massage the product onto your eyelash line in a downward motion to loosen the glue. You can try out FAIRYFIX’s eyelash extension remover gel’– an oil-based product made especially for the ease of removing lash extensions.


YES to using castor oil

Castor oil is a multi-functional product that has been around for centuries. Nowadays, it’s commonly used in natural beauty products due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and moisturising benefits. As a final step to your night-time beauty routine, soak a cotton bud in castor oil and place it on your lashes to dissolve the glue. If any oil gets in your eyes, simply rinse with warm water. Castor oil not only removes your false lashes but it promotes the growth of your natural eyelashes, too. Using a clean wand or cotton bud, brush through your lashes each night before bed to make them healthier, stronger and longer.

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DON’T pick or pull

We get it – you can’t see past that last straggly lash in the mirror every morning and it’s really getting on your nerves. However irritating it is though, you must resist the temptation to pick or pull as doing so will damage your natural lashes. You’ll very likely pull your own lashes out with the extensions, and this will result in bald patches on your eye line, further impairing the natural growth cycle of your lashes. This can also cause damage to your follicles, as Jennifer, an ophthalmologist at the UW Medicine Eye Institute puts it: “repeated damage could eventually slow or even stop production of your natural lashes”. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


 DON’T rub your eyes too hard

It’s 7am, you’re half asleep trying to wake yourself up so you go to rub your eyes – DON’T DO IT! Remember the lashes. Avoid rubbing your eyes as an attempt to remove your eyelash extensions as the friction from the rubbing can twist your lashes out of place or worse still, pull out your natural lashes. You could be left with uneven lashes and very sore eyes.


How To Remove Individual Lashes

For the removal of individual lashes, try out the tips above, but ensure extra care is taken so not damage your natural lashes. If you’re at a loss for an oil-based product, another easy and gentle method of removal is olive oil something everyone has lying around in their kitchen cupboards. Simply dip a cotton pad in the oil and sweep around your eye. This will help them to smoothly slide off your lash line, pain and hassle-free. Voila!


A few lash words…

Despite the heartbreak of not being able to visit your favourite salon or lash-tech this winter, these tips should give you a helping hand in achieving similar and safe results by yourself, at home. And when lockdown 2.0 is over be sure to get booking to #SupportYourLocalBeautyPro. 


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