5 Simple Rules for Lash Lift Aftercare

By Beautystack
13 November 2020
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A lash lift is a no-makeup makeup secret! No falsies, no fall out, no extensions and no mascara – just super luscious lashes that are 100% your own! But how do get the longest wear out of your lash lift? We asked Beautystack Pro @EmmyCreatesLdn for her top tips on keeping those lashes lush between appointments. Emmy’s lash lifts are a fave amongst celebs and can last for up to 2 months if you give them the TLC they need, so take notes!

Keep Your Lash Lift Dry

In the first 24 hours after your treatment it’s super important to keep your lashes away from any water, steam, or sweat – that means no steam rooms, no swimming and no intense exercise. So whatever you do, don’t get a lash lift on a spa day and be extra careful when booking your pre-holiday appointment!

Look Don’t Touch

Try not to rub your eyes or touch your lashes too much after your lift, as this can push them out of their picture perfect curl. It’s also good to avoid sleeping on your side or on your face if you can, as this also changes their shape.

Brush Brush Baby

Brush your lashes daily to keep them looking fluffy and stop them getting tangled. A lash brush is made especially for this, but the free spoolies you can find in most makeup shops, or an old mascara wand that you’ve cleaned, will also do the trick.

Get Some Nuts

Oil up those lashes 3 – 5 times a week with a nut oil of your choice. Emmy recommends sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil or castor oil for best results.

For Mascara Lovers

If you still want to wear mascara after your lash lift, just make sure you’re using a water-based formula and steer clear of waterproof mascara! Use oil-free make-up remover to take it off, and gently pat your lashes dry afterwards – no rubbing.

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