Trend Report: Faux Locs Serving Real Looks

By Beautystack
3 June 2020
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A cool alternative to braids or wearing your natural hair out, faux locs are an easy way to change up your look, as well as being perfect for anyone transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. Faux locs not only look fab, they’re also a low maintenance and majorly protective style, as the faux hair completely covers your natural hair.

In order to create the look, your natural hair is styled into box braids, which are then wrapped in either yarn, kanekalon hair or marley hair to create the look of dread locs. This method also enables you to add a fair amount of length, meaning you can get the princess hair of your childhood dreams without the hassle of weaves or wigs.

We got our Beauty Pros on the case to dig out some of some of their favourite faux loc creations with top tips on how to get the look.

Forget summer sun envy, it’s Kristen’s faux locs that have got us feeling jealous — so we asked beauty pro Deborah from Simply Gorgeous to give us a clue on how to recreate it. She suggests using natural kinky braiding hair from Xpression for this look – Kristen opts for a very natural-looking dark brown colour and a much lighter brown for contrast highlight strands.

“Before starting any new braiding style, remember to make sure your hair has been thoroughly washed, dried and that the mid-lengths to ends are moisturised,” says Deborah.

“Kristen’s locs have that worn and undone look which is achieved when you don’t start your braid too close to the scalp, so some natural hair is still visible. Once you’ve sectioned and braided all of your hair, select a braid and using a small strand of your chosen braiding hair, wrap this around the base of that braid twice. Once it’s secure, begin to wrap down the braid. Be sure to push up the hair as you go to ensure that compact loc look which Kristen has.”

Silver Sass By Beauty Pro Amazing AFI:

Why wait until you’re sixty to go grey? Bring a little silver sass into your life right now with these faux locs. To get this look, Afi uses Catface crochet faux locs, single plaiting the hair and then crocheting the individual locs onto each plait. Afi finds this type of faux loc the most time efficient for her, as it takes 2-4 hours. This sounds like a long time, but for faux locs this is super speedy!

Pastel Princess By Beauty Pro Amazing AFI:

For these ombré locs, Afi uses (also from Catface) straight three-tone ombré hair in these gorgeous shades of black, lilac and grey. These faux locs take longer to do (from anywhere between 3-8 hours) because the braiding technique is more complicated – single plaiting the hair with extensions and then wrapping the ombré hair around until the plait is covered.

Triangle Part Senegalese By Beauty Pro Simply Gorgeous

For a geometric twist on faux locs, all you need is 3 packs of Xpression hair in the colour 1B (the black) and 1 pack of Xpression hair in the colour 24 (the blonde). To prep, the hair is cut into two which allows the finished braid to reach about waist length; it was also pulled using a stretching technique that ensures tapered ends and stops the braid from unravelling. Each twist is also dipped into boiling water at the end to seal them.

This look all starts with a horizontal part at the base of the neck: starting from the left, a section of hair is then parted diagonally from the initial horizontal part line which is how the striking triangle parts are created. Unlike the faux locs above, the hair is not braided first, instead the Xpression hair is twisted around the natural hair so your natural hair colour is still on show!

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