World Wide Wellbeing: The Rise of Digital Wellness

By Beautystack
28 October 2020
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For ages now, we’ve bought into the idea that the digital world is a certified drain on our wellbeing. There’s the comparison culture spurred on by certain social media platforms and this whole always-on and always-contactable vibe can make even the biggest social butterfly want to go on a major digital detox. So, the worlds of ‘digital’ and ‘wellness’ are at total odds with each other, right? Well, as a wave of digital wellness Pros are proving, maybe they aren’t such polar opposites.

What are we talking about? The rise of digital wellness, of course.

During lockdown, the most dynamic wellness practitioners have found clever ways to take their work online, serving up much-needed advice, guidance and spiritual healing. Think virtual reiki treatments, online tarot readings and Facetime mentoring sessions, each arming clients with the tools to find mental and spiritual clarity during this wild time.

“Right now, we’re all experiencing this sense of collective grief and we’re all at different stages of the grieving process,” explains modern mystic and founder of Project Ajna, Giselle La Pompe-Moore. “Some of my clients are still in the denial phase and need support to understand their reality; others are at the acceptance phase and want help to push ahead; and some are just really angry that their freedoms have been taken away, so they’re looking for stillness and practices that can help them find calm.”

Tiwalola Ogunlasi, founder of Confident and Killing It agrees. “If there’s one thing this situation has brought up, it’s that nothing is certain, we don’t know what tomorrow brings, and this is making people desperate to find their purpose and to stop living life for other people.” Tarot and wellness practitioner Suhaiyla Shakuwra says it’s vital that wellness practices are accessible to all people, no matter their race, class or physical ability, but also their location. “Taking your practice online means you can serve your clients wherever they are. That’s beautiful,” she says. “Even before the pandemic, I had clients in Tampa, Alabama, Zimbabwe and Ghana and I’ve since gained more clients in loads of new locations.”

So demand is 100% there. But just how easy is it to pivot your business into the online space? For Giselle, it wasn’t too tricky. “Distance healing is one of the main concepts of reiki as an energy healing tool, as we can share the energy across the world and over different time zones, so it’s something that practitioners have been doing way before lockdown.” Her best advice for other wellness pros is to help your clients create the perfect treatment environment, even if they can’t be in your usual set-up. “I always encourage my clients to find a comfortable space, to set aside the time so they aren’t distrubed and light candles or get out some crystals so they can start to set up their own little bubble.” 

At the start of lockdown, Suhaiyla did have some concerns over whether her clients would connect to her workshops as a virtual experience, but she needn’t have worried. “I’ve had so many DMs saying how much they loved the experience. They can just sit there in their pyjamas or joggers, and plug in their headphones, and it’s still intimate, just in a different way.”

Tiwalola’s biggest tip is to bring real world energy to the digital space. “Energy is really important in making your digital services work,” she says. “I am naturally confident, bubbly and energetic so bring that same energy to my calls.” It rubs off on her clients too. “I’ve been doing weekly webinars and the chat is always popping off with people sharing ideas and making new friends. I never thought I could build such a real community all via Zoom.” 

Of course, just because you can find mega wellness treatments online, it doesn’t completely negate all the downsides of the digital world, but our wellness beauty pros have some pretty useful advice to share on that matter. For Tiwalola, it’s all about curating your social media feeds, which she likens to creating a Spotify playlist. “You’d never include a song that you hate, you’d delete it, so do the same with your feed.” Makes total sense. 

And Suhaiyla’s advice? “Like anything, use in moderation, with intention and use it respectfully.” It’s as much about what you put out there as it is what you consume. “Don’t troll people, don’t be negative, don’t be judgemental, and be mindful not to misplace any of your anger onto other people. But also be respectful to yourself. Be kind to yourself, and remember that it’s not all real.”

Interested in levelling up your wellness game from the comfort of your own home? These are the virtual treatments worth booking, especially when you consider you’ll be supporting your local wellness pro at the same time…



Project Ajna founder Giselle La Pompe-Moore is all about helping clients shake off that state of flux or navigate a big life change, and right now, we’re feeling both! Her reiki sessions are bordering on legendary for anyone looking to chill the f out, and she also does digital tarot sessions (over the phone or even on Whatsapp to help find answers to life’s big questions. 


Whether you’re eyeing up a big career move or simply feeling a bit stuck and stressed, Tiwalola Ogunlasi, founder of Confident and Killing It, is your go-to girl. She offers 1:1 virtual coaching sessions that deal with everything from imposter syndrome and self-worth to personal growth and goal setting. “I’m all about waking women up to their worth so they can be confident, unstoppable and live the life they truly desire.” We are very much here for that.


Looking for a sign or two? Book in for a Google Hangouts tarot session with Suhaiyla. “My driving force is always to encourage healing,” she says. Her 15 minute sessions are long enough for a quick check in, but if you want a deep dive that covers multiple themes, go for 50 minutes. She’ll pull out a ten card spread that’ll delve into every corner of your life to unpack the subconscious and offer guidance and clarity. 


Whether you want a bit of guidance or full blown spiritual healing, hit up angelic reiki master, and spiritual mentor Chanel Marie. She’s less about predicting the future, and more about helping you create the future you want. To do so, she offers remote angelic reiki sessions and tarot readings over the phone or even on email, perfect if you’ve had enough of the video chats for a bit.


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