Planning For 2021: Why You Should Speak To An Astrologer

By Beautystack
26 December 2020
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Astrology is all about how the planets will influence your life. It can be an extremely powerful and fun tool to help individuals better understand themselves. As we approach the end of what can only be described as an insanely odd year, it’s no wonder many of us are looking to the skies for guidance.

Speaking to an Astrologer could give you the clarity you need to face 2021 with an open heart and mind. Whether your priorities are love, romance, family, your professional life or something else, you want to put your best foot forward heading into the new year. Whatever the next year may throw at you, stars are constant and that’s something we can all take great comfort in.

Astrology Planner by Magic of 1

What Is Astrology?

To put it simply, Astrology is the study of the relationship between the positions of the planets and events on earth. Astrologers chart planets in real time, they don’t peer into a magical crystal ball.

Astrologers believe that the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the time of a person’s birth have a direct influence on that person’s character. That’s why Horoscopes exist — they can give you general advice based on what the planets are doing and what you have in common with people born around the same time as you. The positions of the planets are thought to affect a person’s destiny although free will always plays a large role in any person’s life.


How Will Astrology Help You Plan for 2021?

Astrology Readings can map out the next 12 months and beyond, so they are the perfect way to re-centre yourself ahead of the new year. New Year’s is actually one of the most ideal times to visit an Astrologer as — just like on your birthday — it’s when your energy is at its strongest.

2020 has been a difficult period for so many people and Astrology can reveal when things will turn around for you and become more positive. Let’s face it, we all need some good news right now. An Astrology reading is incredibly physiologically cleansing, especially as Astrologers can successfully give you the answers you are looking for in every area of your life, whatever’s bothering you.


What You Can Expect At An Astrology Reading

Before every reading, you’ll need to send the Astrologer your birthdate, birthplace, and birth time. This is central to the reading so if you don’t know those things exactly, make it clear that you’re giving them an estimate. The Astrologer will map the ten planets of the zodiac based on their alignment when you were born. As planets orbit at different rates and speeds, they directly impact your life, from if you should get a promotion to if you’ll meet a new partner that month. As with all divinatory systems like tarot, it is important to understand that Astrology readings won’t predict your future down to a T, in the end, it’s up to you to make the best use of the information given.



The Best Astrologers To Book Right Now

Since the pandemic forced so many business and Beauty Pros to close their doors, Astrologers have pivoted to online readings – a relief for us all! You still get the complete experience, which is tailored to you, the only difference is it’s from the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the online Astrologers we’re loving.


Stars in his eyes – @astrobrijwasi

Vishal is definitely one of our go to Astrologers. Beautystack founder, Sharmadean Reid, is even a fan and often books with him! Vishal has been in the game for over 30 years so really knows his stuff. He is now offering online video calls which we are SO buzzed about.

Want to find out your destiny? Book here. 

Find conviction with @astrologyvixen

Sade is amazing at what she does. One thing she’s particularly passionate about is helping people find moments of stillness in your day to day life so you can find what you’re searching for.

Want to find out your destiny? Book here

Dancing in the moonlight – @jeanneiracema

If you want to try out Astrology for the first time but don’t want to do it alone, we recommend going to a women’s circle — an event hosted for and by women. It creates a supportive environment where women can share experiences and emotions openly. Jeanne’s New Moon Circle encourages us to listen to our bodies and to mother earth, find our grounding and embrace the lunacy.

This event sold out last time! To book for the next one check out the events page on Beautystack

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